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Christy Yuncker Happ and George Happ live near Fairbanks, Alaska on 40 acres of permafrost in the bottom of Goldstream Valley.

Photo taken by Craig Dorman in Denali National Park

Christy majored in Zoology at Colorado State and worked in cell and molecular biology research at Colorado State and Vermont for 20 years.

George received doctoral training at Cornell University in physiology and behavior. He held faculty appointments at Catholic University of America, New York University, Colorado State, Vermont, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.





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Artistic collaboration

Karin Franzen is my artistic mentor and has been a powerful influence on how I look at the composition, light, and tones of an image. Educated as a biologist and an engineer, Karin has become an accomplished fiber artist whose work has been shown in galleries in Alaska and the continental United States. Her art revolves around one of her favorite subjects, the birds of Alaska. Karin strives to ensure that her depictions are biologically and behaviorally accurate.

Karin and I met by chance while crane-watching at Creamer's Fields in Fairbanks. Both of us were curious about the "other photographer" who appeared day after day. Since then, frequent get-togethers have fueled our shared enthusiasm to integrate art, biology, and the protection of natural environments.

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   • 2016.2 - Hatch failed
   • 1 - Cranes return - 21st year
   • 2 - Hatch failed
   • 1 - Arrival
   • 2 - First week
   • 3 - Incubation
   • 4 - Roy's ice dancing
   • 5 - Pi hatches
   • 6 - Pi dances
   • 7 - Dodging Danger
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   • 9 - Fitness for flight
   • 10 - Swim with Dad
   • 11 - Dance and fly
   • 12 - August flight school
   • 13 - Foraging and intruders
   • 14 - Pi explores his world
   • 15- -Time to migrate
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